GK Property Solutions is the leading professional Langley roofing company for new roofs, service, maintenance + upgrades

GK Property Solutions, your leading Langley roofing company, knows that there are many aspects to your roofing system  – from attic and venting to sheathing and shingles. We also know that, if even one small part of the roofing system of your home us not functioning properly, it can take years off the life of your roof. With regular maintenance and upkeep, your roof will look good. You will also get the full life out of your roof and experience fewer costly problems later.

Residential Roof Replacement

Let our experienced, professional team replace your roof and provide you with honest and quality workmanship. We will ensure the job is done right, providing you with a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

Residential Roof Maintenance

Regular roofing maintenance can not only keep your roof looking clean, it can also keep costly repair bills at bay and add years to the life of your roof. If you’re not sure if you need maintenance on your roof, simply contact us and we’ll come and visit to determine the service needed for your residential roof.

Residential Attic Upgrades

Having a healthy attic can be just as important as a healthy roof because, without proper care of the attic, damage can be done to your home. Many attics don’t have proper air circulation, which can cause mold, mildew and even rot. With an attic upgrade, you can extend the life of your roof and eliminate mold, mildew and rot. In our years of experience, we know that not taking care of the attic early can lead to costly repairs later.

Residential Roof Inspection

Our first-class, professional team will give you an honest assessment of the life your roof has left in it and how to extend that life.

We’re the leading Langley roofing company for residential home that you can trust. Call us today at 778-874-1146 to talk to one of our roofing specialists about your home.

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GK Property Solutions is proud to be able the following roofing services in Langley:

  • full roofing contract services
  • roof repairs
  • roofing maintenance
  • new roof construction projects with developers in Langley
  • repair, replace cedar shingles
  • shingles roofing
  • cedar shake roofing conversions