Property Maintenance Projects

When you schedule a free no obligation onsite consultation, we do a full site inspection. We will discuss your plans and goals for the property and set up a yearly/monthly/weekly or even daily plan for upkeep and maintenance. We can add in services like lot cleaning, pressure washing, window washing, roof and drain cleaning as well as regular inspections. We will put this all in a service package for you with a simple monthly payment or prepay for the year and save. Our clients find that these packages save them time and money allowing them to focus on other areas of their business.

Pressure washing – a regularly scheduled cleaning of sidewalks and curbs can keep your properties clean and fresh so customers want to keep coming back.

Window washing – regularly scheduled cleaning of windows will keep your property fresh and clean.

Exterior painting – keeping your exterior paint and caulking up to date can not only keep your properties looking new, it also prevents rot and premature deterioration.

Inspections – our inspections involve all aspects of your commercial or strata building/complex. From roofing to siding and building envelope.

Tenant improvements – from a small painting project to a full scale renovation, we have you covered from start to finish.

Lot cleaning – regularly scheduled litter picking of parking areas, sidewalks and garbage removal will keep your property fresh and clean as well, when you hire us to maintain your property we are evaluating and looking for potential problems so they can be fixed before they become major and expensive.